Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Thoughts on: #Moolala and #BuySku

**Please note that this is NOT a paid post.  These are purely and simply my thoughts.**

As a frugal blogger, I focus my attention on finding and sharing frugal offers with the public.  However, I also feel it is my duty to share concerns I have about certain offers - or just don't share them at all with my readers.

Well, one such concern has just crossed my path while dealing with Moolala.  I have only had two interactions with Moolala as of yet and I have had nothing but bad experiences with both.  My first had to do with a voucher not being fulfilled immediately and being placed on a "waiting list" with the vendor only to have the offer end up being cancelled altogether. 

Following the cancellation, I was given a credit on my Moolala account.  I hesitated to make another purchase, but kept an eye on their offers until I came across one that I thought I could use.  The offer was for a 7" Tablet from Buy Sku.  (Some of you may remember seeing it because I had posted a blog promoting it).

My latest interaction with BuySku have not been favorable either.  One month after I redeemed my voucher they claimed that my tablet was returned due to an incorrect address (which they shared with me and I found nothing wrong with it). Then one month after that (now two months since I placed my order), they are now claiming that they no longer have the tablet in stock.  They can however substitute another, but would I like to add $15 to have it sent Express?  Really??? They want more money?

After waiting for more than one month to receive confirmation that my product was on it's way, I reached out to Moolala for help with this matter.  Meanwhile I continued making contact with the seller.  My expectation would have been that Moolala would stand behind their vouchers and would serve as an advocate for its customers.  Instead, I was given a simple "thank you for the information" and a "let me know what else I can do."  What else can you do?  You can help me get my tablet!

This has been a definite learning experience.  I have learned that several FTC rules have been violated in the process.  The first being that BuySku promised delivery within 15 business days and the other being that they didn't have enough product to fulfill initial orders. 

Immediately after learning that I would not be receiving the tablet within the promised timeline, my next step should have been to file a complaint with the FTC.  Well, here it is nearly 50 business days later and I am still trying to work with them.

It is not recommended that you wait this long.  Instead, it is recommended that you file the complaint sooner than later.  As of now, I am looking into filing a complaint with both the FTC and eConsumer.  Filing with eConsumer will not help me get my tablet, but it will help other econsumers become aware of the faults this company has.

***As I was writing up my blog post, I received an email from a support agent stating that they were working on resolving my concern.  Let's see.....