Coupon Policies

Here is a list of some of the policies.  Make sure you have the most current policy in your binder!

Albertson's (updated 12/17/2011)

CVS Pharmacy (updated 12/12/2013)

Dollar General (added 12/2014)

Dollar Tree (Revised 7/28/2014)

Family Dollar (updated 10/4/2015)

Rite Aid  (updated 5/4/2015)

Smart and Final (up-to-date as of 10/4/15)

Target (up-to-date as of 10/4/15)

Walgreens (up-to-date as of 10/4/15)

Walmart (up-to-date as of 10/4/15)

WinCo Foods (updated 9/15/14)