Friday, June 14, 2013

Alexa Blog Hop: Improve Your Rating! 6/15/13

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Are you ready to improve your Alexa score?  Your Alexa Ranking shows the world how you stack up against other competitors. Did you know that many sponsors check your Alexa rating before considering you for sponsorship?  So, if you want to look better in the eyes of potential sponsors, you'll want to link up to this blog hop.

I haven't found any other blogs dedicated to Alexa rankings, so I decided to start one myself.  My Alexa Score had begun to slide (in the wrong direction!).  I'm hoping that others will participate in this blog hop.

There are some very specific requirements to participate:
  1. You MUST download the Alexa Toolbar by going HERE
  2. You will need to visit as many of the pages as possible.
  3. You MUST wait for the page to fully load, then click on a second page in order for the visit to count.
  4. Leave a note on the page you visit, asking that they return the favor.  When they follow you back to your page, Alexa will score that in a positive manner.
  5. If possible, Tweet or post on Facebook to encourage others to participate.  Remember, the more people participate the better chances of improving your Alexa score! 
  6. Finally, I would appreciate a review.  Would you mind leaving one by either clicking on the link above or by going HERE?  While you are there, look to the right side and build your own widget to get your site reviewed. Thanks!